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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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September 17, 2006


forget me not

Amen Deacon Dan. I think the Pope's error is that he underestimated the fact that now, as Pope, people of all denominations are listening very critically and will jump at any chance they get to point fingers and turn things into whatever they want. The press has a grave responsibility in all this, and we all must look very critically at everything that is being handed down to us. My suggestion when there is a controversy is not to refer to only one news source, but to do the rounds (internet is very useful for this) even of foreign papers if you are lucky enough to know another language. This is what I suggested to my parents after 9/11, when I saw that the American press kept people on an emotional rollercoaster for months afterwards. If people had been given time to think, maybe some civil rights in the US would still exist, and maybe we would not be stuck in the Iraq quagmire.


"We have to remember that our faith is about healing and reconciliation."

Anti-anything posts that appear in venues that are listed and accessed as being Catholic, not to even mention bearing the very word in their titles, is something I've long fought against. This injustice bothers me every bit as much as Katrina injustices bother others. No, even more. Because there has always been a Katrina failure the world over, for all of time, but not for all of time have Christians fell down in loving.

Christianity is lovingly pro-EVERYONE, or the victory of His sacrifice is partial, not total. And Catholicism is super-Christian, embracing as its heart not only the Eucharistic Heart that poured out every drop in atonement, but the Beatitudes which that Heart spoke. And when Peter (and James) tell us as church how the church is to confront itself and the wrongs in the world, they advocate mercy and respect. Do we have any idea how many millions have died for the Faith? It is not a faith of unlove, but of Father Forgive Them.

But yes, instead, divisiveness rules the day, and as Deacon Dan says, "Why?" SEE what is going on. Corral and expose the flushed scribes, and let them know what little Herods they are, and what little Pilates, gleefully washing their hands of those that die for their foolish words. Hate oozes out of mouths just like honey, but it lands like acid. Not everything in journalism is worthy.

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