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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



  • Family activities, spirituality, liturgy, Christian apologetics, social justice topics, special education issues, and promoting the peace and unity of the human family.
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October 06, 2006


Deacon DW

There comes a point when the next question is "Can I do one more thing?"

In case you haven't noticed--and I know you have--one thing I do have trouble with is proofreading myself on the same night. Thanks for putting up with all the grammatical faux pas that come out of my stream of consciousness!


O Grammatical Man.. how long are we with you, and yet you still do not know that textual freckles are every bit as endearing as those on noses??

"..we all find a way to make things fresh; we find a way to step back, take a good look, and go at it again.."

Yes, and prayer is indeed the source of renewal, and indeed, it is crucially important to avoid burnout. I've seen it appear here and there, as well as in real time, and it is indeed harsh if not also harmful. One of the busiest, holiest women in our parish finally snapped and, as we gave her a ride home that day, she roiled in rage about the Deacon readying things in a liturgy of the Word "while the priest just sat there!" We tried to get through to her, but she, formerly a priest's greatest champion, was going to write the Bishop! I actually hoped she would do so right away--in the midst of rage--so that the bishop could easily see her rant for what it was, and thus not make life even tougher for the clergy.

'Disappear' in peace. We know you're always with us nonetheless.

Deacon DW

'Disappear' in peace. We know you're always with us nonetheless.

Yes, disappear is what I have done, at least somewhat--as I sit on a shady porch somewhere near UT drinking a hot cup of jo while my little thermometer on the toolbar tells me it's 90 degrees outside. Must be Texas! Fall where are you?


It's right here. :-) Crisp blue skies with brilliant clouds, turkey vultures circling overhead, looking for.. McDonald's, I think. Leaves blazing up, then falling. I could see my breath tonight outside at work.

There will come a day soon, much too soon, when the big maple (it's aactually 3 or 4 trees growing together-- or it was before the condos started going up next door) will drop its leaves in the quiet of still night, no wind needed. Like it's crying, or maybe that's what it sounded like to Paul as the scales fell from his eyes.

The only time I liked Fall was when I was first married..Fall is marvelous cuddling/conceiving weather here on the east coast, one felt indestructible, then..and I liked the Autumn once while pregnant. Big soft sweater over the big belly was fun, somehow. Alive. Doubly alive. :-) I'll wrap up some Fall, and send it.


It's fall here, too; my fall astor is just gorgeous, a violet colour, and I wish you could see the maple in my neighbour's back yard, all orangey-red, just luminous in the sunshine. But I think it sounds lovely to head to a coffeehouse with your laptop, deacon dan; have a cranberry/orange scone for me.

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