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October 30, 2006


marco frisbee

The two chief devils lurking in many of our comboxes have names: Pride and Impatience.

Like all the works of the Devil, the ugliness seen therein are in fact good things that have been thoroughly perverted. The good intentions of so many have been wrenched either by a desire to re-make the Church and what She does into their own image, or a lingering need to drench Church leaders with poison long collected by those who disagree or misunderstand what's going on. (And I'm by no means free of guilt where this is concerned, but I'm working on it!)

Would that the things that blind so many combox dwellers - misdeeds and misunderstandings - be wiped away like Bartimaeus' own blindness - but this requires just a little bit of faith.


It's funny.. well, not ha-ha funny, but until I came online, I didn't know there were ANY divisions in the Church. Honestly not. Maybe because everywhere I've gone all my life, Mass is Mass, and people are people.

I think onlineness can be a huge trouble-maker. We forget that a n y o n e can be online, eh? Sometimes even in the Catholic venues, it's all like someone writing a letter to the Editor of a newspaper. Do we take all of them seriously, especially that one who has a bummer opinion on everything?

Another part of the problem is that only the crappy stuff gets reported here, not all the wondrous love and opening of hearts and doors.

I have an Irish parishioner friend who one day shocked me. He turned scarlet and screamed, literally screamed at our good Pastor and our good Deacon out on the front steps as Mass let out. I was wounded on behalf of those innocent two who give us all more than some of us deserve, whose faces fell, and wounded on behalf of little children exiting Mass in joy and little old dying people for whom this Mass would've had to last a week..No one has the right to steal peace on our steps.

Tim was fruious at something (oh my, aren't we ALL?), but he so very selfishly vented, "WHERE'S THE ACCOUNTABILITY?"

Well, a few months went by, a few months in which I feared that VotF wolves had successfully be-furred him, which would tear apart his wonderful and rather charismatic family. Then one Sunday, there he was with his wife -- up with the other EMHCs. I guess Tim found out where the accountability is.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!


Let me clarify that by saying "here," I mean online! I sure don't mean here here. The peace and positivity here is very healing and ever-fortifying.

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