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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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November 01, 2006



Now don't go and send me on my way until I read this a few more times. I am receiving something blessed here.


For Pete's sake, DDW's like a B12 shot or something! Dude, you're my kinda Geritol, spiritually-speaking. :-)

Tonight at Mass, our Deacon spoke of something that felt like a gift (apparently for him as well). He said that at the morning Mass he'd attended over at the parochial school, all the 1st and 2nd graders (about 60) dressed very very recognizably as saints, and he said for the first time ever, he'd seen a Mary Magdalen. And what also pleased him so much was an observation that is crucially important for us to still make: he said the kids never once acted goofy while in the garb of their saints, that they just loved what they were doing..took holiness very very seriously.

When you said, "I want to think of the place as my clarity spot," it put me in mind of another's Sacred Space.

My clarity spot, my retreat, it seems, is the back messy portion of an eerie graveyard. While at that little plot of ground which nearly bankrupted us, I am reminded of what I said to her that morning, "I'll catch up to you, Ma." I know her response would've been, "You damned well better--I didn't go through all that hell for nothing!" But only by the grace of God shall I catch up to any of them.

As for the Lamb's silence in the face of persecution and worse, well, there were 5 years in which I was rebuffed even by loved ones, for His sake. Only in faith did I count it a good thing. Otherwise, it hurt like hell. But perhaps Jesus knew John would clarify, "He laid down His life, that He might take it up again. No one took His life from Him."

forget me not

Amen ladies..Just savoring it, along with the memory of my visit to the mount of the beatitudes in the Holy Land. I've heard it preached somewhere that being holy doesn't mean doing anything out of the ordinary. And most of the saints of paradise have not been canonized or even taken into consideration for canonization. I think of all the mothers in extremely poor countries (and even in the rich USA), who do what they can every day, to give even a drop of milk or a handful of rice to their starving children. Or a grandma who teaches her little grandchildren to pray, to trust in God. There are so many examples of holiness all around us, and there is very little fanfare around them. That's how you recognize them.

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