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November 16, 2006



I'll probably skip both offerings, at least until they're out on video. Bishop Weisgerber says that to read the book (The Book -- Nativity story) is better, and that's usually what I do for any story. There is indeed much that is left out otherwise (and whereas I cry easily, I can go hide myself in the rough patches). The Jesuit who was interviewed, however, also has a good point: if we don't support the sweet and holiness-aimed movies, Hollywood will see it as a loss of revenue and go with the money films. Let us know how they were, DDW.


"Bobby" is starting to look like a good movie; even the eldest of us were quite young when all that went down, and I haven't ever really looked back at that time from an adult standpoint, except for some books on JFK. Plus, I've always liked Emilio Estevez. He is (Catholic, anti-war) Martin Sheen's son, but took his mom's name. Apparently, all of Hollywood likes him, too.



dear deacon dan (and readers here), an excellent review of this movie was written by Cdn. blogger T.O. of LAMLand here. T.O. is a student of theology in Toronto, Ontario, and was invited to a preview of the movie! I really think you'll enjoy reading her review.

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