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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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November 17, 2006



Like the fictional Job, sometimes there is disappointment after disappointment, pain upon pain, loss upon loss. Even friends may say how silly to keep trusting, yet Job found that the Lord not only restored everything but gave even more to the one who trusted in God fully. And like the woman who trusted God so much that she touched the tassle of Jesus' robe or tallit knowing it would heal that stubborn condition of hemorrhage, Jesus wants to know us, wants to heal us of shame as well as of illness, and wants to say, "Only trust in God..." Little did anyone understand back then that God so loved the world, His Son would not only atone, but would mingle His very Body and Blood with ours in the Eucharist. For love of us.

Jesus sees further down the road, and sometimes only in retrospect do we get some clue of what He has been fashioning and arranging all this time.. and we begin to see that we ourselves needed to be prepared to receive. When we begin to see all the dozens of little graces and miracles He has given us even while He was preparing and healing and fashioning, or while He was waiting for our greater contrition, we are astounded at how personal and loving is His care.

The Friday 3 o'clock hour is a powerful time. We know this deep in our souls, but especially since the official observance of the Divine Mercy. If we look up the intentions of the Novena, we see that He forgets no one. But even if we simply pray, "Help us," or "Thank You," in that time each day, we will have grown greatly nearer to Him.


deacon dan, your reflection reminded me as well of the solidarity of people all around the world saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, or the short Divine Mercy prayer, at 3 o'clock every day.

Also, dd, your post has me reflecting on different types of prayer and how they arise - from what emotion, need, or perhaps attitude. The 3 o'clock prayer, often petitionary for individual or universal needs; trust and holy abandonment bringing forth the prayer of "Thy will be done"; gratitude often preceding contemplative prayer. He does know us thoroughly; He even gives us our prayer according to our needs.

Amen. How true, Gabrielle.

Deacon Dan, why does it always seem like a couple of weeks, when you haven't posted for a couple of days?

Deacon DW

I guess I had better get after it! Otherwise next thing you know it'll be the year 2010!

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