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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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November 12, 2006



Amen. The Good News is that there is a higher power than self; the Even Better News is that He loves us as is, just as we love our children (and others). The Iffy News is that we must trust this Higher Power with the scalpel to sever and excise that which holds us bound. As you note, folks are bound by the underlying, not by the obvious self-medicating. That is why folks often simply switch addictions. Truly, our hearts are restless...

There are a lot of buzzwords in AA, some of which have taken on a negative connotation, and I'm not thrilled with them, but recovery by any other name is recovery. I did part of this 12 Steps of the Bible (and later, 12 Steps of Spirituality) with someone who'd worked the steps long before, which ultimately led her to the Church. I saw with my own eyes how it (trust in God, and the really HARD work of recovery) had saved her, turned her around, and was giving her back to herself. I'm thankful to God, with all my heart, for helping her to live. Her child will be even more thankful..the girl is FULL of love. We also saw that rescue/return with the priest who led the series' as well,who knew it would indeed help us to become better evangelizers. (No one is exempt from pain, thus, nor from self-medicating; some do it without chemicals/substances, which may be even worse, if quieter.)

To live in the moment.. well, there is nothing harder to do, yet there is no better way to accept, to be grateful, for this gift of life from Him. How greatly we should pity the May fly (or whatever bug it is that only lives 24 hrs.), if its life is snuffed out even sooner! Some of us do that to ourselves every day, tho'. We have 24 hrs., and we live (and love) only for a tiny portion of it. Part of that is because we're way too busy, but part is also a definite self-wielded fly-swatting.

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