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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



  • Family activities, spirituality, liturgy, Christian apologetics, social justice topics, special education issues, and promoting the peace and unity of the human family.
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January 10, 2007



Amen. We cannot afford to let eternity reveal to us -- as if for the first time! -- that we are brothers and sisters in Him, our rising in Water bought so hard by His writhing in Blood.

All life is sacred, yes, it was sanctified, which is why I get antsy even to see short obituaries (or none). What if it was the unshaven and uncelebrated rose-pruner who helped save my soul while it was a firemen who helped save my body? Our lifelong thanks to both, but my interior obit page is never top-heavy.

That's my very inarticulate way to agree that lives do not weigh differently in God's Hands.

They all are infinitely precious.

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