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January 06, 2007


Deacon Jim

Sorry about that. I think I was being a little too sarcastic (actually I know I shouldn't be at all). The whole story title - He's dazzling... just struck me as an unfortunate way to portray the whole thing.

He is recognized for his insight and repentance is the key.

Deacon DW

No problem Deacon Jim! I wouldn't worry about being sarcastic either--our times are calling for it, and I actually find myself full of sarcasm and vinegar these days.

And you're right, "He's Dazzling" is a bit leading. Kind of sounds a bit like a praise for the kind of thing that we really can't approve of. As my good wife says, "Love the sinner, hate the sin."


Yes. I know a gay atheist anti-war writer who has done more for the Church than many outspoken academic clerics have, and he's pretty dazzling, but still, homosexuality is a complete skewing of God's order. We all have to be re-Ordered in one way or another, but being gay is not okay. Still, I love the man for his great goodnesses.

I can't help but think the problem is loneliness in our earthly exile, misunderstood by the sufferers. I think loneliness is Britney's problem, Madonna Ciccone's, maybe even bin Laden's. I think that's also why even very young teens just HAVE to be part of a couple, but, if you look at them closely, you see they are interacting ideally as brother and sister, as two who defend one another, don't mind being seen holding hands, laugh together, sharing whatever they have, thinking of the other first, etc. Of course we want mutual love. We were made to love and be loved. Somewhere along the way, I think folks give up on it, and accept what love there is.

That's what I've seen in gay friends, and in friends' gay kids.


Yes, a matter of rejecting the disorderedness but not the person; the person is made in His image. Even Bush. And PeeWee Herman. And Mafioso. I was greatly surprised long ago to find a vulnerable side (no pun intended) to a badass townie who was literally shot in the butt, and a calm maternal side to a woman who'd sleep with anything if it got her booze or drugs or money (or company?), who was working on her third abortion when I finally had to walk away.

One longs to open wide the doors, but sometimes the air that rushes in is rather shocking. The Vatican is saying everyone is more than their appetite, their looks, their creed, their illness, and their wars. This is precisely why Jesus said, "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." We do have a heavenly Father, from Whom the father of lies would like to drag us away. As the Gospel notes, we were loved even when we were in sin. The greatest work of mercy is to love one another into our Awaited betterness, but what new hells are created when some "forget" how fine is the line to be walked: Jesus never condemned anyone -- only their sin.

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