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January 19, 2007



I'm sleepin' with the lights on tonight.. no, wait.. I'd better sleep with them off.

Could this have occurred in response to an arrogant world leader emptying our seat at treaty tables, while he wars on nations that somehow misses the main media outlets and goes abroad dictating what will happen and what will not to ocuntries who are seeing our (more lethal than cunning) input as less and less honest and reasonable?

Impeachment, by its very nature, is retroactive goodwill. We might at least try it. Unless my mind needs more caffeine, we have tasted ill-will only twice, here, in my lifetime.. And we took endless revenge--and the word endless is meant literally. We have become the land of ostriches if we thought 9/11, and its subsequent anthrax scares, was all there could be these days.

If we left Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalia tomorrow, do we know what remains behind for decades or more (like this space debris, but far more deadly), poisoning land and water for current and future generations? Do we really think we are exempt from the same?

There's not much I can do, except teach against war at every opportunity, beginning with my self. But just as Abbot Joseph quotes today over in Word Incarnate blog--that it's not enough to avoid evil, but we must also bring HIS goodness more into the world--it is not enough to be antiwar. One must be pro-Peace... for ALL.

forget me not

Amen Carol and Deacon Dan! China is so brazen because we have been too brazen. China has been "dormant" for a long time, but they have a 10% steady rise in GNP every year, their economy is booming, their exports are booming, labor is cheap. For the past few years everyone has been thinking that the US is the only world power left, and the US has been riding that tiger for all this time. This other tiger, a big one, is just beginning to gather up its energy to spring on the rest of the world. Future don't look too good....


"This is my beloved Son, in Whom I AM well pleased. Listen to Him."
"There will be wars and rumors of wars.."
"The things of the world and the world itself are passing away, but My words will never pass away.."
"You have heard it said, 'An eye for an eye,' but I say.."
"I give you a new Commandment.."
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.."
"..but you see Me.."
"..and He will remind you.."
"..for I have overcome the world."
"Behold Thy Mother."
"Go now, and preach to all the nations.."

I give you My peace..


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