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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



  • Family activities, spirituality, liturgy, Christian apologetics, social justice topics, special education issues, and promoting the peace and unity of the human family.
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January 23, 2007



Interesting. :-) Science need only look at moms and dads to know that God is alive and well; even science known we aren't coyotes, but science would be challenged to explain why a man (who was put into foster care as an unwanted boy, shuffled around from home to home, tortured by some [yes, physically as well], and who grew into a man who couldn't hold more than a charity job and who was beaten up simply for existence--they didn't even rob him, just threw his wallet around) would still trust anyone. He is no survivor, his life was laid to rest just as he was placed in the "hot box" on the lawn, locked in..without water, without explanation except that he was "bad". Science would be even harder pressed to understand that this man's hope, a man who has not heard much about God, increases one's faith, like having a limb straightened. What a gift is hope, whether given or received.


I really like reading about things like this. I remember when I was little, hearing about the work of Dr. Penfield in Montreal, and being really fascinated by it. I remember as a child, when we were told that we only use about 20% of our brain, wondering what God had in mind for the other 80%, and every time I heard anyone talking about the "primitive" part of the brain, I was all ears!

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