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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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February 13, 2007



Hunger, healing, transformation, salvation. The Eucharist. Take, and eat.


"Without our submission to love, to God who is love, we become assured of our own ability to be righteous, and thus we lose our need for God. We turn to the imitation of goodness and look to earthly powers to remedy the problems that we find most perplexing." Yes, Peter Maurin would roll in his grave even more than Dorothy Day to see what spirit is passed as being "Catholic" Workerism in many areas.

Like Mother Teresa, someone who, as loyal as DD and PM, insisted her Sisters adore Christ in the Tabernacle for two hours before trying to assist anyone that day, we, the Eucharisted, were intended to be leavening, His leavening of love, in the world.

I read a most chilling account of when ideology supplants religion. It was about one of the Rwandan transplants to your area, DDW, who helps train athletes there. Suddenly overnight, in the Hutu/Tutsi troubles, his friend or cousin had said, "We will be killing you all tonight." He asked him, "Why??" The answer basically was, as it always is, "You are not like us."

But perhaps Sharia law is the greater proof of how Christ-less religion can be wielded as deadly weapon.

It seems the whole world is mission land, still. Even here, yes.. and no moreso than in Washington, DC.

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