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February 12, 2007



Yes, and the other half of it all is that Jesus did not wallop anyone right off the bat, He spoke first to everyone's better nature, with love (like those in RCIA do), but amazingly so, considering He is the only one Who has ever truly known anyone's sins for real.

The Baptist and the Boanerges were expecting quite a different Messiah, as was Saul, no doubt, as were apparently many priests and nuns and family and community..all so very quick to point out wrongs as being the meat of the thing. Little did we know that the Jesus we'd encounter in the Bible, in His own words, might be very different than the one we'd come to only fear. Jesus knew that no one runs toward a whip-cracking Saviour. He took it a step further to underline that He came that we may have life. None of the Law was lost, but He fulfilled the Law by giving it a proper Heart at last. "Caught" in sin, He asked a sinful soul if anyone had condemned her, and again later showed those with scales, still, that a stone even in the self-righteous hand is still a stone, as St. Stephen can well attest.

Jesus always cautioned against sin, always said hwo deadly it is, but what He asked for, specifically asked, was that we love one another. He never veered from that, but rather, made it a new commandment, because He knew it was easier for a fallen people to not love. "Love one another, as I have loved you." Unfortunately, His love is truly not something I ever heard much of while growing up, not at home, and not at Mass.

My generation went looking for love wrongly at times, but it went looking because there had to be something better than the headmaster's hellfire that saw the sin but never the rest of the person.. and many of us could only think so because we had a CCD teacher, or perhaps a devout grandmother, who with a Godly twinkle in their eye did what well-meaning but deadly others should've done first.

Combox sins are often an acidic response to acid, the lay blind leading the lay blind. A priest is to whom we confess, and he bases his words of correction on words of one's confession.

The Church to come overcorrected for my generation's beckoning with vinegar, and seemed to have avoided speaking of sin, and sin unfortunately took deeper root for a time. Yet some greater balance must've been found, for She draws Protestant pastors still, even in the midst of horrendous scandal; many parishes are absolutely bursting at the seams; people beg for their parish churches and schools to remain open; seminaries are not closing even though they are teaching of sin once again; the Church's World Youth Day draws a multitude unseen anywhere else; there were the last time I looked more than 12,000 deacons in the U.S.; and Eucharistic Adoration is growing.

If we need signs, those 7 ought to suffice. It would be nice if they were worldwide signs.

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