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April 23, 2007



:'-) The Lord works in mysterious ways. God bless you all so much.

(And, please God, your area of Texas was spared from tornadoes and all?)


I know this was traumatic, but I can't help giggling, and wondering how Dominic's first Confession went! He's a cutie!

forget me not

This is a beautiful post DD. God bless Dominic..and his family!


We have two autistic children. I remember our trepidation at their first communions but they both did fine. Our daughter is now 18 years old and practically floats down the aisle after reaceiving these days. She is so in tune with the Sacrament that it is almost erie. She asks to go to confession if she feels she isn't worthy to receive communion, and then will happily float up to receive at the next mass.

Our 22 year old has never had a moment of doubt about the real presence. His faith is a matter of fact. Catholicism makes sense to him, period.

Deacon DW

Thanks for your responses and your prayers! Dominic did great this week for his "second communion."

I'll be adding new posts this week--beginning tomorrow evening. Check back with me later.


Maggie, floating = grace-filled to me. Your children sound positively grace-filled. How wonderful.

Deacon DW

I can't help giggling, and wondering how Dominic's first Confession went

For Dominic first Confession was just like talking to Santa in reverse. Instead of lying and saying how good he had been he told the truth and said how naughty he had been.


After reading this, I am 19 years old who is also diagnosed with autism, a learning disability.It takes me quite awile to learn things fully. I accidently took the first communion, because of my dumbfounded dad who pushed me saying that it will "cleanes me and make me holy". I dont know if I will get punished if I took it. my mother told me the real story about the first communion, where you have to dress all in white and read the whole holy bible before doing this. I would love to get some help ASAP.Thanks

Deacon DW

First, Westley, are you Catholic? Have you been baptized?

Don't worry about being punished for having taken communion without first going through the necessary classes and stuff. Talk with a priest at your church to find out what you need to do. I'd say just start learning about it, but your parish may have a program for you.

Yes, first communion is a big dress-up event--the girls dress in white and the boys wear suits and ties, but it doesn't have to be. Wearing something else won't invalidate it for you.

Your mom didn't literally mean that you have to read the whole holy bible first, but just that there's lots to be learned first.

I hope this helps.


Yes I am catholic and I have been baptized when I was born.

The thing is I just started going back to church about 2 months ago. I think I should take it little by little.

Thanks, i'm not punished. Sigh but it made me worry.By the I started to read the bible recently.Thanks!

Deacon DW

Great, Westley, stay in touch. I'll be posting more regularly--probably daily--as soon as the school year ends.


great news to hear. I'll let you know and I weill kepp in touch

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