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June 01, 2007



Hmm.. I don't like to skip commenting on other posts here in order to acknowledge this one, but.. dude, it's the Beatles! What a gift of lovable zest to us all. They were humble in an outrageously funny way, their challenges to live freely/honestly were not (to me) about drugs and free love, and if not for them, I'd have had to go on doing the Locomotion et al. And of course, they pretty well screamed, "Sideburns, people, sideburns!" Yeah, yeah, yeah! I remember drizzling all over my mom, "Isn't Ringo gorgeous?" She raised one eyebrow and said, "Um, he looks very kind." Perpetually young and kind, all of them, yes. Their music was truly a gift to us from them, they cared about it enough to keep it real, yet not harsh. When one contrasts with them some bands today, those screamy things that beat up guitars and their lyrics.. what a loss.

Oh hey.. thanks for the memories. :-)


Great.. we're the only two old people on the 'net today? Sigh..

What was also nice was reading youngsters' comments after the article.. kids know a unique and genuine talent when they hear it.

Deacon DW

Do you suppose that Saturday is "net day off?" I'll be posting a homily for the weekend later, but I had hoped that some of the news I blogged would draw a few more comments. At least blog visits to were up a little in the past 24 hours. I guess if I want comments I'll have to stir up some trouble!


No no no.. there's enough of that. Yep, Sat. is (I hope so, along with Sunday!) 'net day off, and even if it wasn't, folks have to give comments time to develop.

Gosh, I was just joking. Your other posts require more thought, and I couldn't spare it this morn. But I read them.

Deacon DW

Sorry if I was unclear. After letting my 10:30 comment sit for a while it looked like I was being grouchy. I knew you were just kidding; so was I.

Actually, Saturdays are usually my blog day off, but since I had the 5 p.m. Mass and the homily today I figured I'd let my blog day off roll into tomorrow.

I'll be back Monday--maybe stirring up trouble, who knows.


;-) 'bout halfway thru this, no one could be grouchy.

forget me not

Yeah, about the time the geeky kid in the suit and tie appears...or the older one with the flowers in his hair!! They looked like they were having a great time that day, huh? I loved watching that video. Thanks gypsy!

forget me not

Yeah, I noticed a lot of people take saturdays off. Me too, actually. It's a day for a visit to the eucharistic miracle in Lanciano, maybe confession, food shopping and then rushing home to get food on the table for pranzo (our main, mid-day meal). Then the afternoon is for cleaning the abode, though that always runs into Sunday because I like to take my time and take little breaks to watch the swallows chasing each other in the afternoon sky or read a few lines from a book.


I have the original "Twist & Shout" LP. (Of course, it really belonged to my much, much, much older sister). Now, my 16-year-old niece is crazy about the Beatles. Beatles everything.

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