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June 28, 2007



The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses it here. Also, the Franciscan Pope who wanted so much to live an even longer life for love of it, but who could not, addresses it here.

I would like to be closer to Him always.. I also would like to know His will for me-- tho' the present indicators may be enough: I am wife and mother (vocation) and all beyond that is secondary vocation. As for salvation, there came a decisive moment when I realized that others were more in need of salvation than I am, so even though a number of folks would argue this, and/or throw holy water at me, I have to say it. If God is for us, who can be against us? And God IS for us. We share in the royal priestly and prophetic role, so like a priest, if I spiritually keep my nose clean, adhere to the sacraments, be open to His grace (and absolution), pray, give alms, do good works, and, when in doubt consult the authority of the Church, I'll be okay, tho' I shall always expect much time of purging. MUCH. Others, however, are falling for the propaganda of the world and of hell, or are just too tired to keep fighting the good fight. Worst of all, they are missing the God Who utterly thirsts for them -- a lose/lose thing. So many are tempted by Pilate's own downfall: "What is Truth?" Even Pilate had a clue to that, as did his wife who dreamed of it. He must've known God in some way, because he detained Jesus with questions, looking for some legal loophole to release Him upon. But in the end, he caved in to the popular cry.

And, one can serve the mentally-unstable homeless, but if they don't see Christ's hands tending the charcoal on the beach and offering them fish, then the work is all but fruitless. As He says, If one believes in the Father but doesn't believe in Him, one can at least believe in His works. His works testify to Him, because they give glory to the Father. But there's only one way for anyone to see Love; it is to be Love, which does indeed require personal surrender. Again and again. Surrender of everything in us that isn't Him. But the gain is not singular, it's multiplied, likes loaves and fishes. Oh, the Holy Spirit is alive and well, yes.

Whose will am I doing? Indeed, the question of the hour. Of every hour. Of every thought. The kindest thing about revelations that knock us to the ground in inventorying the hour or the day with the aid of the Holy Spirit, is to know that if we have failed to discern God's will, then as long as breath remains, He will give us other opportunities. And next time, we will not stray from the asking of His will first.

A lovely reflection, DDW.

MMajor Fan

Another very important message, and so well explained. Notice that while the term "knowing" God's will is used, the Bible, both Old and New Testament, never claims that one will be able to comprehend at a given time God's total will, purpose, and intentions. Jesus was teaching to be in a state of continual openness to the priority of God's will. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude and knowledge all represent a continual state of openness, learning, and recognition that one is operating within God's will. For example, wisdom is gained over time and discernment. God's total will is actually unknowable, but needs to be trusted and loved. One can discern direction at points in one's life, and thus make a decision that is in harmony with God's will. But one has to be careful not to confuse that with thinking that one can now articulate God's "policy" or "five year plan" if you know what I mean. That is the trap that many Pentecostals fall into. God's will is heard in the small voice, not the loud and obvious earthquake and wind. Like you point out, that is where "Truth is found in the Spirit of God: it is found in the person of the Lord, and it is none other than Jesus our Lord to whom we look and who teaches us when we look to the Church as our guide."

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