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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



  • Family activities, spirituality, liturgy, Christian apologetics, social justice topics, special education issues, and promoting the peace and unity of the human family.
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July 09, 2007



Ah, beautiful. All of it. The pictures, your words, your heart, your thoughts, your memories.

I've seen many churches like your current one.. the church in N.C. where my granddaughter was baptized, also one I visited in Ohio with her (we were surrounded by glass windows - I guess WE were in the crying room!), some like this in Long Island, and another nearby at which we attended a baptism, which is actually air-conditioned... and others around here, one at the university, etc. Your current one reminds me of Christ as the "cornerstone." The old one you were married in is one I'd feel most at home in, but I could envision you in the current one far better. A good fit.

Deacon DW

C.O., pardon my earlier typos, I think that I caught all of them, though I know that you believe they only add character.

True, I do feel quite at home where I am now. It's been my parish since 1994. I am where God wants me to be...clear glass (etched) windows, air conditioning, tomb-shaped immersion font, and all (Though no cry room; we tolerate crying babies.)

The tabernacle is behind the short wall where the presider, deacon, and server's chairs are. It's obelisk-shaped constructed of fossil stone with a ornate brass door. Currently there is no permanent crucifix, but one is carried in during mass by an altar server and placed on the stand that is in the right of the photo.

Depending on your monitor my photos may appear dark. However, I've found that it varies a great deal.


*sigh.. for anyone leaving typos in place, I will buy an ice cream cone for each one. Huge, with cherry dip and/or sprinkles. (I'll bet Texans call them "jimmies" tho'.)

Well, I can see why there'd be a/c in a Texas church, but New England? We have maybe 2 weeks of unbearably hot and humid! Our crying rooms had evolved into church nurseries.. which have long been abandoned. Truly, alllll the children in the whole universe go to my 11 a.m. Mass. I've been bonked in the head with bears, books, little MaryJane'd feet.. I've also been grabbed from behind any number of times instead of the pew-back. It's like being in a VW beetle, only bettah.

Do you have a saint's relic in the church? I didn't know until a few years ago that they are usually entombed within the altar table somehow, somewhere.

You must be already getting ready for your new school assignment? I hope the whole thought absolutely delights you.

Deacon Jim

I think it will be rather interesting for you should you have the opportunity to serve at a Mass according to the 1962 Ritual.

In the PNCC we have three Rituals for the Holy Mass, Contemporary, Traditional, and the version as compiled by Bishop Hodur (much like the Traditional but with additional scriptural references throughout). Because of the differences you really have to practice up on the format, actions, timing, etc.

I understand that various places will have training sessions for priests, but they should open those to deacons as well. There is far more for deacons to do in the Traditional Rite and it really shouldn't be learned in the doing...

I hope you have the opportunity and the blessing to assist at a Traditional Mass. Each action says and transmits so much.

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