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August 01, 2007


Paul Stokell

More than one church-related content provider - left, right or center - have a "track record" of intolerance, hype and just plain un-Christian behavior. But for every bloviating writer are two or three who are working hard to tell the Truth and share it. Sorting out the weeds from the wheat is real work, but worth it!

To consider "unlinking" is a reality, and a sometimes necessary editorial task. It takes courage to remove oneself from those sorts of scandal - dissociating from one who keeps on bullying, or who causes dissent at worst and dissonance at best, and remains obstinate despite calls for change and reflection. Walking away from these - at least for a while - isn't ideological retreat or isolation. It's remaining true to one's self, and proving it.


Right. It also takes guts to ask Catholic people specifically not to link to one's site, if one has any content that may be off the Mark.

Overall, as a friend says, we just do the best we can, and Purgatory will burn off the rest.

As for me and my house, we are not Magisterium, so in-depth overviews of this wondrous M.P. are something I'll leave to those whose duty it is to parse it. Obedience is my duty, so I look to my priest to understand the M.P. and pass it on to us. But no wonder the Pope's brother was so worried over him initially at the habemus Papem. He knew what tremendous work in this age would befall Joseph in his old age.

All any of us may have needed to know is that there was no abrogation, so I will let the Holy Spirit, via the Pope and Magisterium, go on interpreting the Second Vatican Council, too. Again, my duty, which was true even for Padre Pio and Francis -- Stigmatics! -- is obedience.


Little did I know until early this morn that V II was invoked under the auspices of the Blessed Virgin! That's likely my own lazily-uninformed fault, but that throws an entirely new light on it all, somehow. A gorgeous one. Fr. Regis Scanlan is archived in audio about Vatican II's documents at EWTN. Not a one of us could live long enough to listen to/read everything in anyone's library, multimedia or otherwise, but I will certainly pick and choose a few more.. beginning with those to do with Mary, preceded only by those to do with the Eucharist, such as Sr. Joan Noreen's "The Eucharistic Journey," also archived there.

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