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August 15, 2007



Mary, the window of God.. I like it!

(Pardon my silence here or automatic pilotness of late; one has one's tsunamis, earthquakes and wars to climb out from under.)

I've been a Catholic for 2000 years, now, and still had never thought that what has been done for Mary is Wanting to be done for us as well! I've read that everywhere this feast this year, and I am astounded. But God has already shown even me the Tenderness of His hand and heart, so why I've never come to the same conclusion is mystifying. I'm grateful to have this new food for thought.

As always, I think of Mary as anything but my Mother; as a matter of fact, I nearly mused elsewhere that I make a better handmaid (or warrior) than a daughter, but that speaks only to my history, not to Mary's. She has wrapped me up as her daughter, I know this.. and that's all that's important--how I feel doesn't matter, really. But how blessed was Elizabeth to see Mary's sweetest joy, huh? :-)

And this post is a beautiful musing, DDW. I hope it becomes or was a homily somewhere.


" her is the God in whom she loses herself." Yes. Mary asks us to enter her Immaculate Heart, because, as she has told us, it will only reflect the Trinity.


"She leads the way and inherits the kingdom perfectly in her actions of humility and her prayerful submission. Yes, in all she is and does she awaits the kingdom of God that calls her forth and draws her unto itself. And, we look to her humility as a perfect model. ...
"We see help in her, perpetually, yet in her is the God in whom she loses herself. It is God then who provides our help; she is the window through which it flows."

:-) I like this post anew.


And anew again--almost a year later. You've captured enormous things here, DDW.

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