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November 19, 2007



How beautiful, dd; it will be a treasured memory for the family as well as for you. This is generosity of spirit. The more one pours out, the more one receives.


Amen, DDW, and amen, G. I think a somberness is fine in any church service, most especially in the fragile face of grieving, when some may be in a state of shock. It is mysterious ground tread upon then, and solid commemoration to acknowledge the Personalness in that is welcomed even when we can't articulate so. Even 'though we ultimately expect a butterfly from a seemingly lifeless chrysalis, we can't go into or beyond that shroud. That is where our feet must stop.. but not God's.

Back when my mom was dying, the unexpected judgmental conversation and impatience of the priest as we waited for her to come out of the bathroom to receive Viaticum was one more wound for me suffered for two. It was even harder, now, to forewarn him that she had vomited about an hour before that.. I wished Fr. Kelly had still been around, but the important thing was the sacrament, and then later, the Mass.

Come the day we gathered round her now covered in a seemingly different yet same linen of her baptism, I was heartened to see that some other priest would send her off--the regular one had been suddenly called away. Only later did I realize what the Lord had done for us. Only later did I realize that this priest from a friary was in bare-footed sandals, and with his close-shaved head and glasses, had looked much like Fr. Max Kolbe. All these solaces! He didn't know her, either, but He knew God and knew God's heart for her, and her life was sweetly solemnized; hence, when he spoke to me later, he could've recited the alphabet, and I'd not have heard anything but Love, and would have felt Love Itself's hand on my arm as he spoke. Those little things, the things of presence, oh yes, matter very much.

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