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November 01, 2007



I don't mean to complain, dd, :) but I don't understand what she meant. Could someone explain it to the sleep-deprived?

On another note (for when we are feeling more upbeat), a very young priest was at our parish a few weeks ago giving the homily, and he told us what some of his responses are when people ask him how he is:

"How are you?" - "My cup runneth over."
"How are you?" - "I'm blessed."
"How are you?" - "I'm so blessed it's embarrassing."

I keep forgetting to use these at the office. :)


Good points and amen, DDW, and lol, Gab. I had a ferociously Protestant young friend who always surprised me with his greetings/responses similar to the above, and with his parting wishes, "May God bless your socks off!" Ah, to be young..

New England natives have a single response when asked how we are (if things are very bad): "I'm ok, howr you?" and one response if things are terrific: "Can't complain."

Gab, I don't know what she meant either, and that's certainly not from being sleep deprived nor short on chocolate. I think, however, it was meant as, the more we accept sufferings or injustice here without putting it onto anyone else via complaints, the holier we become.


Thanks, JustMe. :)

Deacon DW

Well, Gabrielle, I think what she was getting at was that if there's no complaints in heaven, then the afterlife that complainers are preparing for must be something other than heaven.


Merci beaucoup, dd.

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