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November 25, 2007



Here in New England, seasons are extreme. Extremely long, extremely short, extremely painful, extremely gorgeous. However, as are the mysteries of the Rosary, so are seasons connected -- we can't have one without the other, I suppose. If I were a Martian, and some days I am, some folks' glory-tales of Autumn would thrill my alien heart. But I know too well that Autumn is but a beautiful funeral procession. Inevitably, it leads to a barrenness of earth, while bulking us up in early dark lethargy--a Northeast of baby narwhals, we; it's also when we shut the windows, crank up the oil heat (ugh), and sicken, sometimes unto the hem of death, and for many others (so far), beyond.

Let the Inuit have winter, says this anklebone-skating Martian. But something you said about slowing and thinking and change made me consider similarities between the seasons, and the Mysteries: Spring/Joyful; Autumn/Luminous; Winter/Sorrowful; Summer/Glorious.

Oh, surely there are peepers and lightning bugs all through Heaven, and not one leaf floating on the waters. But I agree about Church seasons. Advent--what a thrill (even for aliens). O come, O come Emmanuel.. Amen


I just can't get enough of autumn; it's over all-too-quickly. But you know, JustMe, and don't be too shocked, I even love the outline of naked trees against a cold, grey sky. Yes, I'll probably be half-dead with the flu in a few weeks, but meanwhile, stark beauty has me in its grip.


Well, I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked. There would have to be at least one clump of light purple lilacs on that naked tree before I could see stark beauty in it. (Or if that tree were near green hills in Cork, I could likely live through it without seizing up inside, like a river about to be frozen.) I had a visual thought of Purgatory (?) once. It was all bare trees and ugly, exhausting rocks and heavy gray stands of trees that were stripped and bowed over in an atomic blast. At any rate, I'm pretty sure there was no Autumn in Eden, but rather, all was always lush.. I used to love Autumn, and not only as a child; snuggling weather is nothing to sneeze at (so to speak), but it heralds too long, too breaking, too skid-ish a winter. If only that season was as short as our summer. Barrenness does make it possible to see beavers down on the river better; I'll cling to that happy thought, just for you and DDW.

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