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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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February 13, 2008



Interesting articles. I've noted that the role of a Deacon is very similar in both the Syriac-Maronite and Latin/Roman Rite Mass. Our RC Permanent Deacon, as I've said, is a long time former lay friend in on a million gatherings and teachings-- and a most reverently irreverent one at times before his ordination. Once a comedian, always a comedian, but most sincerely lovingly committed, this we all knew, and the parish had no trouble seeing him in this clerical role. Actually, we were only worried that he'd not be assigned to our parish. I've fallen behind on checking Zenit, so thanks for posting this and the links. I'm glad for and with all of you that the "western" Diaconate received such a positive re-nod.


Btw, I don't know whose idea it initially was, but our Deacon offers/facilitates an adult confirmation group. It is offered to those who started out with the Sacraments, but who were never confirmed but who certainly don't qualify for either religious ed or RCIA. I'm wondering if that's something you've heard of other deacons also doing? I'm thinking it would be ideal to expand upon that delayed-confirmation welcome-back instruction to extend to all discerning reverts even if confirmed, who would like to ease back into the life of the Church with some instruction, in the event that they have been away for many years. Who better than deacons to assist in this crucial work, for they are official and knowlegable members of the clergy which is something pastoral associates and lay instructors aren't. I think our returnees would be most grateful. What do you think?

Deacon DW

We have an adult confirmation group as well and it too is led by one of the deacons at the parish. For several years we have had a "Landings" ministry, which welcomes inactive Catholics or those who have left the Church and then desired to return, and it too was originally started up and led by one of the deacons. I may do a post on Landings sometime in the future. It's been a strong ministry at my parish and we tend to promote it around this time of year.


Thank you. I hadn't heard of this established ministry until you mentioned it. I found a webpage on "Landings," which I hope Veritas sees, who wishes her (rather deaconless, still) Church did more to welcome back the Prodigal. The program seems just what the Doctor ordered.


I'll have a look at the webpage shortly, Carol.
Deacon Dan, I can imagine just how encouraging these words of the Pope are to you and your fellow deacons. I'm struck by his humility here, and welcome greatly what he says about all sharing the role of the diaconate, recognising that there really is only one true Lord of an assembly.

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