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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



  • Family activities, spirituality, liturgy, Christian apologetics, social justice topics, special education issues, and promoting the peace and unity of the human family.
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February 25, 2008



It certainly looks very peaceful and inviting. I imagine people come from much further away than Texas to attend retreats, programs, etc.

I see you have no snow. :)


In the 4th photo, I see they've adapted Pierre Auguste Cot's "The Swing"!

Reading this today reminded me of all the times I'd wished I weren't Catholic. Most of my public school friends were not Catholic, so I got a taste of other religions or Protestantism. And later, a taste of atheism (except for the guilt factor).

My strolls into seemingly happier creeds or ideologies always revealed something missing, tho'. Not only something for me (my family was sweet and funny and kind, and suffered the torments of hell upon many crosses--what kept them in a religion that was so solemnly High Mass/Saturday-mea-culpa, convent-oppression gloomy? It could only have been Jesus' Cross of love which I did not understand but if they wouldn't leave it, I surely wouldn't leave them); but there was always also something missing for God, too: His Son. Or for the Son, His Mother. Or for them all, the saints. It's hard, but I'm glad I always came back to find out the greater truths in it all, the reason for the Cross in our lives. This is one reason why I have so loved sponsoring folks in RCIA - they discovered the very same that I did, and with the same soul-deep gratitude.

Deacon DW

That's right, no snow. It actually got up to 93 today, which is highly unusual for February even in Texas. Typically we see the daytime temperatures begin to rise into the low 70s by the end of March. This winter has been on the warm side though.

Deacon DW

Just me--as soon as Lent is over I'm heading down towards Barsana Dham again, only this time I'll be driving right past the temple going 70 m.p.h. Destination-The Salt Lick.


ROFL! Somehow, that sounds even better than it ought to.
:-) Enjoy.

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