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February 18, 2008



I haven't seen it, and won't be seeing it, but having just come from the graphic here, and its reason: Christianity, and thus strongly suspecting that a leaning toward dialog would not be the response if the movie theme was reversed, I'd have to say not. Plus, if "practicing Christians" are denying Jesus' divinity in any way, then they aren't even Christians, let alone practicing.

Deacon DW

I doubt that I will be seeing the movie either, though it may have some value as a discussion piece should one get into a conversation with a Muslim regarding what is actually considered orthodox, and thus true.

I always appreciate what Abbot Joseph has to say, but I also want to take into account what the Iranian filmmaker had to say when asked about Muslim persecution of Christians--they are not Muslims, he says, they are murderers dressed as Muslims.


I hope that's the case, and although I don't welcome where conversations like this one could and perhaps must go, the point of the graphic is that even this horrendously serious Christian persecution is not unusual enough-- even as it is under-reported to us here. From the little I know, there are a great many sects in Islam, some of which appear to have too little or no respect for non-Muslim life. (I didn't miss the fact that sometimes even one of their own is publicly hung from a crane, or that sometimes many of their own are stoned, gassed, or otherwise massacred, yes. Can we think this bodes well for Christians in their midst? Even immigrants here remain fearful of revealing their Christianity except in Mass/religious gatherings, for a very long time.)

Of the two known Muslims (all of whom have been free to safely gather and worship as they wish, here..) with whom I worked most closely, one took my hand and smiled through tired tears from under her head covering--who knew that she would one day have a non-Muslim sister? The other was quite adamant that of course Jesus would have nothing to do with wine, as prophets never touch the stuff-- he waved off my words as so much brainwashing, and I was promised a brochure that would open my eyes. Conversion is their duty.

Our conversation stalled right there, tho' true enough, it wasn't the best time or place for that to begin with. This is why I say quite seriously, let Rome (and Luther) construct brochures (how many times have our doors been knocked/pamphleted by Mormons?) of core beliefs for their laity and not least of all for that of Europe--Christians and Muslims while working side by side each day/night can at least exchange concise text, in deep goodwill, when verbal dialog stalls or is interrupted.

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