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February 21, 2008



I just read something about the modified prayer for the Jews, which will be read on Good Friday. The person writing was a priest, who was a bit irritated about it. Maybe in another post, you can explain it..and maybe how you feel about it?

As for dialog with the Muslims, I believe the greatest thing is that they actually wrote a letter to the Pope, which means they are really worried about it. That is a great sign. But I am not so optimistic about the response, not so much from the muslims' side, but from ours.


"Our side," however, is Jesus Christ's Truth. It'd be interesting to hear what He (as well as His millions of martyrs and/or otherwise fellow persecuted) may or may not find compromisable for the sake of not "disappointing".. There is a great lesson in St. Francis in how to love all others while neither risking nor losing anything of Christ's Testament into which all the ends of the earth are to be invited.

As for meeting Benedict XVI not as Pope, but as "theologian and scholar," I'm perhaps not so oddly reminded of the fruit of the meeting of Bush (and others) who also did not meet Christ's Vicar as Christ's Vicar; a pope's systolic/diastolic is shared by two. He is far more than a leader of morals and mores in this world.


If both sides are serious about peace and uniting on shared essentials, I hope they begin with the Virgin Mary. She is apparently the only woman who is named in the Koran, and not less than thirty times. Muslims love her dearly, and I read that so many Muslims go to the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima that the Portuguese officials don't know how to handle the logistics. Peace and unity will only come to our world through Our Blessed Mother.


Which a Fifth Marian dogma would expedite.

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