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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



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February 08, 2008



It was good that parents were there too, listening to the homily and I suppose they were wondering how much their children were taking in. I often wonder, as one who works in a primary school with young children, how many of them when they reach the age for First Communion, are instrumental in bringing their parents back to the sacramentw with them.

Deacon DW

The kids took it in well. They practically kept their hands raised to make comments and ask questions. I think sometimes we do not give kids--or adults--the chance to understand something deep. Too often we try to aim low, which is always a mistake.


It's great that you got such a good response. I know you're right about the understanding of the deep stuff - in as much as any of us can understand it - kids can have surprising levels of understanding and perception. And an area of course where they put us adults to shame over and over again is the one of forgiveness. We can learn so much from ones so young.


I really like the way you connected the Beatitudes with the Ten Commandments; that's the way I've always thought about it too. For me, the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments have always symbolized the New Testament and the Old Testament in a nutshell - the Old being fulfilled in the New, Jesus not coming to destroy the law but to fulfil it, the law being transformed into the heart, into love. And I like the way you expressed the idea of the Beatitudes simply being "what Jesus is".

Deacon DW

Gabrielle--thanks, I have my sources of inspiration. Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth was a great help in getting things together.

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