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March 20, 2008



Someone at FOX has created a highly entertaining interview (which someone uploaded to GodTube)with a FOX-animated priest with St. Peter's behind him, speaking about the forbidden new church, which still seems forbidden to me.. he speaks about this "reciprocity."

Without a cross outside (nor a Corpus inside, nor Tabernacle, baptismal font, holy water, blessed oils, statues, Stations..) it's already not genuine reciprocity, because we don't ask that mosques be indistinguishable here! As I said elsewhere, I hope it's hope-able, maybe this is the only first step there could be, but I think only 5 years will prove that out.

I think of all the times I received an email forward that said if you're not ashamed of Christ, you'll pass this on. Well, that testimony is pretty easy (said millions of martyrs..), but there come true tests of fidelity. For me, this is one of those. What of Christ's church are we allowed to barter? For it was readily agreed upon that there'd be no cross on the outside. I as Catholic, thus, would not know this church.


I meant to insert a "However," before the "Without" - because all the words in the above comment are mine, except for that word 'reciprocity'. As hard as this may sound, that word seems very illicit in the mouth of a priest, for it seems to me one that Judas or Christ's other bargainers would've oilily employed. It seems a bloody part of the Cross indeed to have encountered the word "reciprocity" on the Word of God's Holy Thursday. I just hope I'm wrong.


I feel hope, as when in your recent post, dd, it said that, "Qatar's emir, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, personally donated the land to build the $15 million church". You write, "We must welcome every overture of love into our world", and so I welcome the Sheik's action as an overture of love. Would that it might happen in Saudi Arabia as well.


Indeed, it is love that builds a church. That's why wherever I went to Mass before this Cross-less building, that's where I'd still go. The Cross is the Unbarterable, as millions of martyrs might say; it's not only the sign and symbol of Christ's total sacrifice/victory for our death-into-life, but it's the Sign that denotes the Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, too. That's precisely why it's not allowed, right?


Oh, but Carol, read the joy with which a fellow Catholic-blogger in Doha writes about the opening of the church: In the Footsteps of Christ. And they've already started a website; here's the Mass Schedule. Personally I wouldn't let the exterior appearance keep me away - after all, there are probably hundreds upon hundreds of Catholic churches, unfortunately, throughout the U.S. and Canada alone that have neither crosses nor belltowers. Our Lady of the Rosary. How could anyone stay away? :)
Hope these links work.


God knows, Satan has wanted to render the Cross a moot point since Golgotha, and Mary is the next in line for him to discredit; if he has scored a victory in this indistinguishable church, it's minor if Mass goes on within, so maybe it's not worth arguing. But maybe it is: It'd be impossible to poll any martyrs whose last view of life was the Cross, but I did ask two kind yet savvy folks here what they thought this building is. My husband thought it was a Jewish temple; my daughter thought it was a Japanese government building.


I wish I could attach a picture here of the tiny church rapidly constructed for some coalition Eastern rite soldiers serving in a certain part of Iraq. It was built with love in the searing heat, too, but the Cross is the first thing one sees. It's nothing but wood, but it's gorgeous.

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