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April 06, 2008



Good post. The fact that these two extended their hospitality to the engaging stranger is an act we too like to think ourselves capable of had we been there. In the present time none of us has to look too far to be hospitable nor indeed do we have to travel far to dine with the Lord. And for those housebound and in hospital the good Lord comes to them thanks to our priests, deacons and Eucharistic ministers.


Indeed, Ann, not too far to be hospitable.. I wonder what hospitality those 400+ kids taken from a Texas polygamy ranch, poor tykes - and pity their moms, yes, most of whom were Mom-ized by the age of 16, will find among us, if they cannot be returned to their moms. I hope and pray it'll work out with the least possible trauma. Why do folks still DO these stupid things -- things like the Mormon power trip?

I'm also wondering what sort of hospitality will come to the thousands of possibly illegal workers rounded up from Pilgrim's Pride chicken farms here in the States. What terror must be in their hearts today, and in the hearts of those who are wondering why they didn't come home. I wonder if there is a land where it's not illegal to live a decent life?

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