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  • Deacon Dan Wright serves the Diocese of Austin, Texas. His work outside the parish is as a special education teacher serving students with significant cognitive disabilities.



  • Family activities, spirituality, liturgy, Christian apologetics, social justice topics, special education issues, and promoting the peace and unity of the human family.
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May 04, 2008



Well said. I've noticed something very cool about you.

There've been times I got used to this or that preach-er rippin' the roof off.. and I keep waiting for you jump up on the podium and point, or maybe slam things around, but you come over, sit yourself down and begin, "Well, here's what I've been thinking," and as you're speaking and then saying, "Uh huh -- oh, I hear ya, yes, uh huh..," one realizes you're reaching up and gently undoing nails and opening the roof, slat by slat. I like that. The Light comes in that way just as well, doesn't it.


Deacon DW

I just pointed out to Father that one of the boards in the ceiling was starting to come loose. I believe that it was he who told me that the Church of the Ascension has no roof?

If one is going to tear something out, it ought to be done gently.


:-) Both of you are right.


I'm hopin' your quiet is not due to that alligator in the sinkhole over is Daisetta(?) wandering over to your corner of Texas.


C.O., now you've really got me worried. I had thought that perhaps Deacon Dan had sat directly under that loose board Father hasn't had time to fix yet, but alligators never even crossed my mind.

Deacon DW

Honestly, there always seems to be an alligator wandering around somewhere in my existence--boards falling out of the ceiling too.

Actually my absence isn't permanent. Being new at teaching high school I've discovered that the month of May holds all kinds of busy duties, such as routine year-end prep, schedules, getting ready for next year, etc., that either take up my free time or leave me feeling little like blogging at the end of the day. However, beginning next week I'll be posting frequently on various topics (my summer interests), which I hope you'll find comment worthy.


I figured it was indeed the sinkhole of May's school-finishings (everything is wrapped up in that month: school, relig. ed., scouts, sports, music-- and yes, next year's planning begins then as well; we don't get gray hair simply from genetics) but wasn't sure. And, unfortunately, I think I would comment upon even bluejays' posts, so your hope for that from me is wasted--I find your thoughts commentable as well as commendable. But don't rush back until it's your joy and rest to be here. We will save some beer and pretzels for ya.


Next year's planning? Oops.

Deacon DW

Next school year--08-09.

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