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June 27, 2008



This is beautifully written as well as challenging and Mother Teresa came to mind more than once as someone who very probably greeted each new day with the same or similar words in her heart. If anyone managed to find God in the most unexpected places, in the least thought of, in the despised and the forgotten, she did - and she stretched out her hand and loved each individual one - she did her very best to fill the sky of their day with love and tenderness - even when she herself walked under a cloud.


I can't tell you how many hundreds or thousands of hours of life I (seem to have) wasted modeling my own spirituality on Mother Teresa's seeing Christ in everyone. How, I wondered over and over. How in God's name do we see Christ in anyone, especially in someone who messes with their own kids? Was it a divine gift to her, I wondered, not given to us all? Or was I just a freak of supernature who failed to see Him? Because I never saw Christ in anyone, not even in the sweetest-holiest-- only saw themselves-- until the Holy Spirit revealed Him to me one meeting night in a priest. It was a moment of reality that was like no reality I've ever known on this earth. And then to find that Mother Teresa did not really see Christ in everyone after all? Is that what the book on her diary revealed? Hers was a true "white" martrydom, then, and she changed the world by hiding her loss, going 50 years on perhaps a memory of one of those Reality moments alone. But it underlined all I've read about the value of working with what you have, rather than what you think you ought to have. We do indeed meet the Lord in everyone, and they, in us. But if all we "see" of it is serving one another, that's good enough -- we can always ask for more. The Jesuit theology is that God is present in all things, in all the times of our lives. It's true, as you say, "everything, from the tiniest to the greatest, holds the power to communicate the being of the giver" and yet it is different for each of us,and we must indeed not only learn to listen for Him, but set time aside (prayer) to do so.

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