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July 02, 2008



Thank you, Deacon Dan, for being courageous enough to tackle this subject. What you have written is edifying and encouraging. Christians everywhere need reassurance and encouragement - not enough is said about the problem of evil all around with the result that we can all too quickly adopt a defeatist attitude. God is good - and ours will be the victory!


Aye, it's a cold cruel world, dog eat dog, never been worse.. except when Leo the Great had to face down heresies and Huns in the 300s..and Brigid, the pagans.. and the 400s when Patrick came along to calm and claim the clans.. or in the 1200s when Francis lived in a sex/power/money-hungry/rather-religionless warring world, too.. or in the wild and debauched roaring '30s and warring 40's... right before and right after the 50s the world must've gone to hell in a handbasket!

Nah, even tho' one reads the world's never been in worse shape from all the Popes, that's only part of it. We didn't expect Europe to fall when her wall did.. and it does seem more and more that the goats and sheep are being sided off already..

As for good and evil, Goodness begins with one, plus one, plus more.. and that doesn't happen online, does it? I've seen nothing online that approached grace, and I've been Catholicly online nearly as long. The best one can hope for here (unless China is allowed to look in) is to be courage for one another. The action needed is beyond the keyboard; there really is no blood running through these lines.

Deacon DW

I remember hearing somewhere--it escapes me at the moment--that as the good in the world has increased so has the evil. I really don't know, but sure enough history has given us a dose to deal with.

As far as what's on the net, my point is that we have to start somewhere--regardless of how insignificant it may seem--and we do tend to think that what we put in wires doesn't really matter. Again, I most assuredly think that everything matters.


If we didn't think it mattered - if we didn't think we just might make a difference to someone, somewhere, well we wouldn't write at all then, would we?
And one more point, bad and all as the world is, what worse state would it/we be in were it not for the Prayer of the Church, for the daily masses, the contemplatives, the payer as incense rising up? Yes, Deacon Dan, everything matters.


The title of the post is, "How shall we defeat evil?"

I'm sorry--I've been Catholicly online too long to think the internet will defeat evil!

There are mostly only venues which strain out gnats only to swallow camels (e-pinion, which can be deviously divisive). I've had thank-you letters from priests and seminarians, as well as from certain names and offers from e-publishing folks.. but did my opinion change clerical lives or the status quo of the poor? Oh, hardly. I maintain that we are mostly encouragement and courage for one another here, evangelizers only if Communist countries look in..but I must amend what I said earlier -- for there really IS something that approaches grace here, and that's the consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus via the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I fear it would get no coverage, if not for onlineness.

Mary is the defeater of evil (pride/non serviam). That's where we must begin. She, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the true Light-bearer, She who was Jew and then Christian and who appeared in Fatima, calls the 3 religions to her to teach them God's ways for peace, brotherhood, and maybe even love.

Deacon DW

Actually, I wasn't really thinking so much of the Internet defeating evil. It's just that there tends to be ample confusion between good and evil
on it. The place where we defeat is where ever we happen to be.


Carol, What you say here ties in very nicely with what Abbot Joseph says in the last line of his July 2 post. Mary knew the answer, Mary's was the attitude we should all adopt. We can all learn from that teenager.How humbling is that?


Amen, Ann, and I'm still trying to. As a matter of fact, I came back online today to look up the chaplet of virtues so I can make the 7 signs for the trees today. God knows, I'm getting too crabby-patty to put it off any longer. I also came back to address DDW's video today, which is so touching.


Deacon Dan's thoughts about praying for goodness immediately reminded me of the virtues we pray for every day with the chaplet for consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: faith, hope, charity, humility, patience, perseverence, and obedience, then after the chaplet the prayer to the Holy Spirit asking Him to enlighten our hearts and come into our minds/souls.

I have seen two people online who said that they refuse to pray for particular virtues because then God sends tests into their lives regarding those areas in which they are weakest, and they are tested beyond their limits. I simply cannot imagine not praying for help with particular (and all) virtues anymore.


O Lord, I'm tested beyond my limits all the time, in all the virtues. I fall like a ton of bricks more often than not, and there is often a huge embarrassed pile of bricks at His feet. But I cling to what was said, that praying for the virtues implants a seed.

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