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July 22, 2008



This really gets to the heart of what Mary Magdalene's life can teach us, dd. For me, she represents the entire journey - conversion of heart, freedom from sin, the gift of contemplation, entering the Passion, enjoying the glory of the Resurrection, and afterwards, leading a penitential life. If she is "your saint", dd, you are blessed indeed.


Everyone should sit right down with her at His feet, maybe even lean against His shins. I love the Magdalen more than any other woman in Heaven, and yes, I know what I'm saying. But it's the truth, at least for now.

Wasn't it of her that He said, "She who was forgiven much, loves much"? At any rate, her witness was that of love. Love above and beyond all that is reasonable. Penitential love. She did not stay with the disciples, but went away to finish out her days in a cave. Praying and offering for the Church, would be my guess.

(And I've always wondered if Jesus told His Mother somewhere along the way that She would not be first to view His risen body, but that a very great surprise awaited Her at the end of Her earthly years.)

Indeed, the Magdalen encompasses the Christian life, and she heard her name in His risen shall we hear ours one fine day.


Everyday I thank Jesus for personally thanking all His Saints and Friends for praying for me and I’m sure that Mary Magdalene is one of them. My faith is also certain that demons were removed from me in the pass although nowadays many would say, that what I did and went through was just human nature and that there is no such things as sins and/or demons trying to take control of humans. When Jesus was dying on the cross so that we could have protection from sin, if we want it, and said in so many words to His Father that we should be protected cause we did not know what we are doing, I think that He hit the nail right on the head and unfortunately the nails were used on His Flesh.

As you probably know, had He been just a Man, He might have told His Heavenly Father to send us all to hell because it hurt too much.

I also Thank Him for being cursed with Love while on the cross cause where would we be now had His Father's Word not been 'LOVE' for (U)sual (S)inners.

Peace be with all His Children


A beautiful, well pondered and superbly written post, DD.


Victor, no one is ever cursed with Love, least of all the Second Person of the Trinity of Love. God was always coming to us in the fullness of time, purposely to us who could not go to Him, and there was no reason but Love. As we hear in Scripture (Gospel of John), "No one takes my life from
Me. I lay it down, and I pick it up again."

And not even man would willingly send a man to hell--not if he truly knew man or truly knew hell. Or truly believed in the Mother of God.

He Who went to prepare a place for us in His Father's house, doesn't save us against His will. It's alright to have joy in our rescue. The Lord did the hard part, and He said not only "Repent" but "Rejoice!" --even as we take up our cross and follow him. If we don't rejoice, we're not only not His enough, yet, in His own season of ever-Easter, but we won't be attracting anyone to Him. And I am sure the Magdalen had joy second only to His Mother's, and does indeed pray for us.


I've asked myself why I would use a term like Jesus being cursed to Love. I know that God gave of His Life willingly and I'm eternally grateful for that. I know that He said also to Repent and Rejoice but my only explanation as to being curses would probably be that He begged His Father to take away the cup of a dreadful death and He went as far as sweating of His Blood while asking. Another reason might be that some of my imaginary spiritual friends have told me that because we were made in the image of God, every one of our cells will be given the choice to accept this beautiful cursed Love as protections against some of our stubborn sins without being cloned in reality by our forgiven sins who believe that they are truly gods.

I could go on and on but what do my crazy spiritual imaginary friendly fools really know?

God’s Will Be Done,


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