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September 01, 2008



Sounds like,

"Why, of COURSE you should eat of the fruit of this tree -- "


In my opinion Mr. Kmiec simplifies the issue way too much. If anyone thinks that just because you vote Republican that Roe is going to get overturned that just plain silly. Furthermore if you are Catholic the Bishops and our Holy Father have talked extensively about how one should form their conscious according to Church teaching. Neither one of the candidates conform completely to Church teaching so one has to go with who will do the least amount of damage. I think Mr. Obama's support for abortion and blatant disregards for life, as was demonstrated in his opposition to the IL's Born Alive Infant Protection Act is a stark example. My view is if I can't trust the man to protect the most innocent of life in what is supposed to be the safest place on earth why would I trust him to "save the planet" or take care of the poor. I also think it’s extremely dishonest to present Mr. Biden as a “good” Catholic given his voting record on abortion, to quote Archbishop Chaput “If you’re Catholic and you disagree with your Church. What do you do? You change your mind.”

Does this mean I’m voting for McCain? Maybe…maybe not there are also some third-party candidates out there that deserve to be looked at if not else to send a message to the two big parties that something needs to change.


I'm so glad you posted this DD. It has set my heart to rest. Thank you.


Obama would sanction the eradication of any imperfect human being at birth and/or shortly after. He has voted so. That should speak volumes to all of us. It's not as if he has wavered on his voting: He is 100% pro-abortion at any stage of the game (partial-birth abortion aka brain stabbing/collapsing) --and even after--when these poor infants survive an abortion, they are settled aware somewhere either alone or in a nurse's arms to gasp their only breaths, to struggle as a littlest Christ. Sickening that any Catholic anywhere would consider this maniac as a worthy leader.

As I say elsewhere, God knows we've earned an Obama, but let's hope we haven't bought him. I am none too much happier about McCain, but Ron Paul can't win it now, nor can Alan Keyes, and no, I'm not Republican, neither by nature nor by political party. But there are Supreme Court appointments coming up, and I'd just as soon it not be more baby-murderer-friendly. It is not a political battle we are speaking of; it is spiritual.


Trust me. I'm going to be nauseated as I exit the polls this time, too.. we voted an allegedly pro-life candidate the past two times (tho' why, I don't know -- his fruits have been minimal at best, and then he sent us to hell in a humvee) but I will do my level best to keep what I know to be the MOST deadly duo out of America's top office. Almost 50 million dead at home and Catholics don't care? I wouldn't need for the Pope to tell me to deny Communion to anyone whom I know supports the evil of abortion.


Here is a nice retort to Mr. Kmiec's support for Mr. Obama.


The fact that Cardinal Mahoney made the priest apologize to Mr. Kmiec is enough for me!

The man is misguided and is deliberately leading others astray. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CATHOLIC DOCTRINAL JUSTIFICATION FOR HIS ENDORSEMENT, PERIOD!


So, Deacon...what do you think about your choice now ?


I don't believe that I have ever indicated my choice of political candidate anywhere on my blog.

Please note that the title of the post is posed as a question. I still believe that the issues I mentioned in preface to the article on Douglas W. Kmiec are important and must be considered at all times.

Truthfully, I am somewhat leery of comments on posts from years in the past--it's typically a sign of trolling. However, I'll take your inquiry as being valid. I don't mind revealing my political leanings, but I will not endorse a candidate in public (as a representative of the Church there's an ethical principal that must follow in this regard). However, if asked in person--face-to-face--who I support, I will always be happy to answer.


Deacon, I remembered reading your blog in the past and returned to check it out again. While I was here I decided to see what, if anything, you had said about the election. Is that trolling ?

I found your comments interesting, and applaud your refusal to publicly endorse a candidate. However, and forgive me if I am wrong, I am able to induct a pronounced lean toward the party in question. I have a pronounced lean in the other direction. I have followed the whole Kmiec/ Obama courting of Catholic voters thing from the very beginning, and am of the firm conviction that Mr. Kmiec has been the point man in an all out effort to encourage American Catholics to ignore the Magisterium of the Church and Rome's directives on Natural Law, and vote for Democrats because of "social justice" issues-- issues which that party has never been able to address with any successful plan. I am of the opinion-- and it is only my opinion-- that a Catholic with a well-formed conscience would find it impossible to vote for a Democrat 99% of the time. That, of course, would not require a vote for a Republican, but that's another story.

To conclude with a restatement of a purely rhetorical question : if you did indeed buy into the Kmiec argument, how has that turned out for you ?


James, I appreciate your readership and the fact that you find the blog interesting. Frankly I don't have much time for it recently, but I keep it online in hopes that I might return to regular posting sometime in the not too distant future.

I don't know that I can agree with you that a Catholic with a well-formed conscience would find it impossible to vote for a Democrat 99% of the time. However, I do believe that a Catholic has a duty to vote according to the dictates of his or her conscience, whether that be voting for a Democratic candidate, a Republican candidate, or some other party's candidate. One's conscience might also lead one not to vote, although an obligation still exists to be involved in some way that promotes faithful citizenship and a just society.

Please understand that I did not buy into Kmiec's or anyone else's argument. Rather I have held my political positions for many long years, and in that time they have evolved according to my understanding of the teachings of the Church and the life in Christ.

To answer your question, in a purely rhetorical context, I would indeed be quite sorry, and it would have turned out quite badly, if I had not chosen to vote according to the dictates of my conscience.

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