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January 08, 2009



It eased me to see the woman kneeling beside the Cross as it laid on the sidewalk, awaiting its new location's hanging.

I've seen many Bloodless crucifixes in all these years as a cradle Catholic, and my preferences are always for more reality, but here's the thing. He died for each of us, not just collectively, and for those who suffer, to see that their suffering is not foreign to Himself helps, I think. That He knows what they are going through brings Him a little closer to some.

Deacon DW

You make a very good point Carol. It really is all about suffering in the world, and to know that he suffers with us--not just that he once suffered then it was all over--is an immense comfort. In his suffering he addressed the enigma of suffering in he world, and still he suffers along with us in his great compassion. He takes our human suffering and gives it meaning; he remolds it and sanctifies it so that it is not empty suffering. He joins it completely with the suffering on the Cross--when we ask; when we allow...


A few years ago a new church was built in our parish to replace the old one, and all new fittings and furnishings were ordered - but the processional cross had to be returned - and you'll guess why - because there was no figure of Christ on the Cross and parishioners objected.
It took some time, but it came back, beautifully crafted, beautifully finished.

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