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January 07, 2009



I just read today an article about the Pope's latest pronouncements on Martin Luther, in which he states that Luther's affirmation that we are justified by faith alone is "true if we do not oppose faith to charity and love", and that "faith works through charity. In the faith that creates charity, all faith is realized".

Apparently the Pope, in his studies has come to the conclusion that Luther was more a reformer than a heretic, that he probably didn't intend initially to split the church in two, and that he was simply ahead of his time. This opening seems to be creating a great deal of interest in the Lutheran church, especially in Germany and Scandinavia.
Another historical figure who has been mentioned quite a bit in the past 2 weeks is Galileo(every Wednesday, Sunday and Holy Days, the homilies given by the Pope are covered on the daily national news on tv).

What I am wondering is, why does it take the Church so long to come to these conclusions? I'm not wondering this for love of polemics, but because I can't help thinking about of all the human lives that were lost, the wars fought, the suffering wrought...all for nothing!

So getting back to Haight, who knows if in 500 years, he'll be re-instated because he simply was ahead of his time...

Deacon DW

Yes, interesting indeed, and it reminds also of something I heard years ago--that the spirit of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin loomed over the procedings of the Second Vatican Council.

We can never say what the future will bring--500 years of even two or three.

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