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January 15, 2010



I always thought of Cocker as a man's singer, like Dylan, 'though Dylan seems a planned man which is not what we hope for. In this messy moment of expressing raw gratitude, Cocker is the epitome of man at his most perfect imperfection, and in this, I can see why God loves man so much He allowed His heart to break open over him.

Deacon DW

There is a certain spontaneity in Cocker that is appealing. I remember seeing Dylan's televised Hard Rain concert on television back in the 70s--at that time the sense of being planned that you mention wasn't there.


Dear God, you've reduced Cocker to being merely appealing? lol I don't know, but judging by the Gospels, spontaneity is everything, isn't it? Where hard rain abounded, spontaneous grace abounded even more.

I see Dylan as planned vagabond and victim as well as planned cloud (here's a self-planned prophet if ever there was one-- but of doom, not of God). I could be wrong -- I haven't heard/read all his stuff. I tried to like him, because like regarding Mother Angelica, it's very much one of those things where one either loves someone ("Clapton is God!"), OR one really can hardly stand the person -- and the wrong opinion about Dylan, too, is vociferously challenged. I'm probably way too old for vociferosity.

Deacon DW

Actually, it was always Joan Baez who had the ability to really speak to me in some way. Don't get me wrong. Joe Cocker has a way of really reaching the soul. I don't expect Dylan's music to have the same effect. He comes from a different place. As I was growing up listening to Dylan--and Baez--I got a lot of why's thrown my way.


I'm glad to hear that Joan spoke to you.. it's funny, I was going to mention her earlier. I thought better of it, 'though, as we were getting so off-topic from why your reader posted Cocker's "Beautiful" in the first place, but it's actually because of Joan's singing "Diamonds and Rust" and the story behind it that I came to see Dylan in the light in which I hold him. Admittedly, I was never into whys, only the music and the emotion. I was raising kids when everyone else was thinking.

Yep, not much has changed.. lol

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