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February 02, 2010


Caroline Chapman

Do you hear the sound of God’s love?
Words of Jesus ring, “Bless are those who listen closely to God’s Word and observe it." Words of "forgiveness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Be not afraid for I go before you always” - Jesus lights our way. “Be not afraid.”
Listen closely to the sound of His voice.
Follow Him, lean on Our Lord. “His goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.” Let the sound of His song ring true in your heart.
With justice and freedom His mercy reigns.
Pour down your mercy upon us, Lord.
Listen closely to the words of Jesus, “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.“ Let each and every person worship and praise God on high from all Nations, one Lord of all in heaven abides. Praise Him in all circumstance, sing praise.
Sing of God’s justice and freedom, sing of His love from the mountains to the heavens above.
Send forth your Holy Spirit, dwell within us. Our God reigns from heaven above pouring forth graces, love, goodness, mercy, revelation - justice and freedom, limitless love, bringing peace to all the ends of earth, one body given for the salvation of many.
Our God reigns! “The Kingdom of God is near.“ Jesus’ word of power and might expressed in Word and deed reigns on earth and in heaven above forevermore.
“God is love.” We have only to listen and follow Him, hands praising, heart's raising, healing, "we are many parts but all one body."
Look to nature for signs of his promise.
Groundhog Day brings living in His shadow.

Here's some interesting info from

Berkley Center
Religion, Peace, & World Affairs at Georgetown


Winter Events

What is Groundhog’s Day?:

Most residents of North America are familiar with Groundhog’s Day, celebrated every year on February 2. What people may not be so familiar with is the fact that there are important religious origins that lie behind that celebration, even if those origins are no longer recognizable. Today, Groundhog’s Day is treated as a purely secular, if perhaps a bit superstitious, holiday — but that was not always the case.
February 2nd in Ancient Rome:

The name February comes from the Latin februare, which means “to purify.” For the Romans, February was a time of cleansing and purification. They prepared themselves for various activities that were coming in the Spring, making a fresh start. On February 15, Romans celebrated Luperaclia, honoring Faunus, god of fertility. Priests of Faunus took thongs called Februa to lash girls with, an act which was supposed to ensure fertility.
February 2nd in Nature Religions:

In nature religions, February 2 is a cross-quarter or four-quarter day. These days stand at a mid-point between solstices and equinoxes; in the case of Groundhog’s Day, it’s the mid-point between winter solstice and spring equinox. This day was named Imbolc or Imbolog. The word Imbolc may come from a term for “sheep’s milk,” a reference to the first milking of the ewes in the spring. An even earlier Indo-European word that may be related is one that refers to the process of purification."
Lent is the process of purification!

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